VW Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Volkswagen Rear Brake Pad Replacement in Spartanburg, SC

Brake pads are designed to wear down over time. The rear and front brakes are typically designed a bit differently to work differently and don't tend to wear down at the same rate. However, when the rear brake pads are due for replacement it might also be a good idea to go ahead and replace the front brake pads while the car is in the shop, depending on how much life they have left. A professional technician is going to raise the car on a lift to remove the wheels and access the brake system.

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How Rear Brake Pads Wear Down

Brake pads are a softer material than the steel of the rotor they use to slow the wheels. As such, the easily replaceable pads wear down instead of the steel parts which would be more difficult and expensive to replace. To some extent, driving style can affect how quickly they wear. Ideally, the driver remains aware of traffic and is able to brake with consistent, firm pressure on the brake pedal instead of slamming the brakes on at full force to stop, or by tapping and pumping them constantly while driving.

Signs You Should Replace Your Brake Pads

The first thing that happens when brake pads are about to wear out is they make a shrill squeaking noise. This is because of a thin wire embedded inside the pad which is exposed and starts rubbing against the rotor when the pads are worn to a point too thin to be reliable. Theoretically, there is a little time left before the pads completely wear out, but the sound is a nuisance and distraction, and there's no way to predict when utter failure will occur, so they need to be replaced quickly, or they'll cause further damage.


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