2018 Volkswagen Beetle vs 2018 Mini Cooper

When it comes to finding a sporty new car that can give you the performance you desire while also providing you with the stylish looks you've always wanted, you'll find that there are many vehicles to choose from in the popular automotive segment of the auto industry. Two of the top choices in the segment over the years include the iconic Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper. Which one has what you're looking for in a new car? This side-by-side comparison of the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle vs 2018 Mini Cooper will help you sort through the information, so you can make the most informed buying decision when it comes time for you to choose.

Both the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle and 2018 Mini Cooper have a lot to offer you, but one of them goes above and beyond the offerings of the other. Keep reading this detailed comparison to learn more about the differences between the new Volkswagen Beetle and Mini Cooper.

2018 Volkswagen Beetle next to a 2018 Mini Cooper

2018 Volkswagen Beetle  VS  2018 Mini Cooper 
$20,220  MSRP  $21,900 
2.0-liter 4-Cyl  Engine  1.5-liter 4-Cyl 
174 hp  Horsepower  134 hp 
33 mpg  Highway MPG Rating  32 mpg 

2018 Volkswagen Beetle and 2018 Mini Cooper Comparison

The new 2018 Volkswagen Beetle takes an early lead over the 2018 Mini Cooper in this comparison by having a much lower Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Not only does the new 2018 Volkswagen Beetle have a lower starting price than the Mini Cooper, it also offers a larger and more powerful engine option that can deliver a higher fuel economy rating. With more horsepower, a higher highway fuel economy rating and a lower price tag, the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle easily beats the 2018 Mini Cooper in this helpful comparison. Even after all these years, the iconic and stylish Volkswagen Beetle continues to dominate its competition in almost every category.

2018 Volkswagen Beetle front interior
2018 Volkswagen Beetle driving on a road
2018 Volkswagen Beetle with door open showing interior
2018 Volkswagen Beetle performance gauges