2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Spartanburg SC

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Spartanburg SC

Who says a convertible can’t be affordable? The segment virtually defines success, as rag tops are frequently seen as models that aren’t strictly necessities. Of course, people who think that way have never had the opportunity to drive a 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible under the Spartanburg SC sun. it’s the little things in life that bring us joy, and feeling the wind blowing through your hair while cruising down the highway is just one of those small things. There’s no reason you can’t experience it.

So what makes the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible so special? Obviously the price is a big attraction because it’s competitive with the cost you’d find with many compact and midsize cars. The fact that it is a soft-top version of the iconic Beetle also doesn’t hurt anything, as you get the classic rounded design elements that offer up a retro-inspired look. Consider it a bit like the best of both worlds if your VW fandom started with the oldest and most recognizable option in the lineup.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Style


Who looks for a drop-top without considering the style? The Beetle Convertible has all the stylistic cues of the regular Beetle, but with a power-folding soft-top in a contrasting color. Between a few special editions and the regular lineup, the model comes in 11 colors with two roof options.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Features


Once you’re drawn into the Beetle Convertible, it’s hard not to fall in love. The interior is a two-tone masterpiece that combines piano black finishes with a pop of color that matches the exterior. Standard features include automatic headlights, Bluetooth, a rearview camera and heated front seats.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Performance


Just because it’s priced right, it doesn’t mean the Beetle Convertible is harboring an underpowered engine. This model has the same 1.8-liter turbo four, with a power output of 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, that makes so many of the models in the lineup fun to drive.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Bottle Green
2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Premium Interior
2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Trunk Space
2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Performance Gauge Cluster

Let the top down in Spartanburg with the Beetle Convertible

There are a total of three trim levels for the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible: S, SE and SEL. In addition to these standard options, the Beetle Dune continues on for this model year, and a limited number of the #PinkBeetle offer a feminine blast of color to this year’s lineup.

At some point in 2017, Volkswagen has also announced the return of the Beetle Classic due to popular demand. This special edition model is a fun choice for those who prefer the retro-inspired options since it offers classic style appeal with 17-inch Circle wheels, checked cloth seating and classic Beetle color options.

Not many things have changed for the Beetle Convertible aside from new editions, but the front and rear bumper did receive revisions to mimic the sporty appearance of the Beetle R-Line. Come see for yourself when you stop by Vic Bailey Volkswagen and take a test drive.

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