What do all the VW dashboard warning lights mean?

Diagnosing the symbols in your dashboard gauge cluster

What do all the VW dashboard warning lights mean?

When you first buy a new car, everything is perfect. Your odometer is low, with just a few miles traveling onto the lot or maybe from test drives at the dealership. You know there isn’t any hidden history or problems with your model. But if you don’t keep up with maintenance, and sometimes even when you do, there’s bound to be trouble at some point. If you’re lucky, you find out when a light comes on. If you aren’t, you hear a funny noise or things just don’t run as smoothly. So what do all the VW dashboard warning lights mean, and how important are they?

VW Dashboard Warning Light Color Codes

There obviously aren’t many times that we’d tell you to just ignore a light, except for the obvious fact that some lights are simply indicators (like your turn signal or the light that shows your cruise control is active), while some fall into the actual warning territory. How do you know when you’re facing an emergency? This is where color coding comes in.

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Much like traffic lights, dashboard warning lights are arranged in a green, yellow and red setup. You see green lights when a function you have to activate is used, like your turn signals. Yellow lights usually mean a safety feature is triggered, like ABS, or that the system might be failing, but you don’t necessarily need to pull over immediately. Yellow lights can mean a malfunction in the system itself, or in the fuses that monitor the system. Red lights tend to mean a failure that could prevent your vehicle from running or cause it to break down. These are issues you should have checked immediately.

Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Light ChartThe chart above shows the most common lights, but sometimes knowing what they mean won’t give a specific guideline when it comes to fixes. The check engine light, for example, can mean a number of problems. If you’re not sure what a light means, the best thing you can do is come to the Vic Bailey Volkswagen Service Center for a diagnosis.

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