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Volkswagen Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ features being used

Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ now available in Volkswagen models thanks to new VW Car-Net® mobile app

Volkswagen Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ 

Drivers want the latest automotive technology in their vehicle when buying a new car and Volkswagen is a leader in the auto industry when it comes to providing it to them. From high-tech connectivity features like the VW Car-Net® that offers App-connect technology to the SiriusXM® All Access feature that gives drivers the ability to listen to music, sporting events, news, and comedy. A few of the newest technologies available in a Volkswagen model equipped with VW Car-Net® App-Connect include Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™. Keep reading to learn more about what these incredible technology features can do for you.  Read the rest of this entry >>

What is the VW CES 2017 App

VW releases a new app for CES 2017

What is the Volkswagen CES 2017 App?

If you had told us 20 years ago that virtually anything we buy could be customized to suit our own preferences, we would have thought you were crazy. Everything is swiftly becoming connected, and you can buy special electronics to lock your doors, adjust your lighting and change your room temperature all by using apps in your phone. We used to think it was nifty to clap your hands to turn lights on and off. Well, the next big thing appears to be not only customizing your driving experience, but having access to your preferences in rental cars or any other vehicle from the same brand. At least, that’s what VW seems to be saying with its new app that will function at the 2017 CES. So what is this app and what’s its purpose? Read the rest of this entry >>

Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology Features at Vic Bailey VW-Spartanburg SC-Volkswagen e-Golf Gesture Control Technology Touchscreen

Customization is a Key Characteristic of New Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology

Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology Features

Making its debut at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen Gesture Control technology represents the future of entertainment and information gathering. Providing drivers with the ability to customize the user interface, this innovative technology made its debut in the Volkswagen e-Golf Touch at the auto show. Integrated into a next-generation Volkswagen MIB II infotainment system, the new Volkswagen Gesture Control technology features will significantly improve your driving experience. Read the rest of this entry >>

New Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Hybrid at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-Red Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Front Exterior

Volkswagen Adds Hybrid Powertrain and Off-Road Features to New Tiguan Concept Design

New Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Hybrid

Here at Vic Bailey Volkswagen, we love some mud-slingin’ adventures from time to time. With the debut of the new Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept hybrid design we are ready to hit the trail. Built on the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform of the second-generation Volkswagen Tiguan, the new GTE Active Concept harnesses the power and efficiency of a hybrid powertrain and adds innovative off-road elements. Delve deeper into this new Volkswagen hybrid concept design to see how it follows in the footsteps of the fan favorite 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan. Read the rest of this entry >>

New Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept and Design at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-Silver Volkswagen BUDD-e Front Exterior

Volkswagen Unveils an Electric-Powered Microbus Concept that Combines Future Technology and VW Heritage

New Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept and Design

In a brilliant move that combines innovative, future technology and Volkswagen heritage, the new Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept and design is a future edition of the old-school Volkswagen Bus that is still an icon. Built around clean, electric energy this new concept represents a leap into the future for the Volkswagen brand. Completely interconnected with the world around it, the VW BUDD-e concept is more than meets the eye, to steal a line from Transformers. Taking electric cars to new heights, this technology promises a bright future here at Vic Bailey Volkswagen. Read the rest of this entry >>

Learn How to Connect to Volkswagen App-Connect at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-2016 Volkswagen Golf Dashboard and VW App-Connect System

Take Advantage of Volkswagen Technology and Pair Your Phone with VW App-Connect

Learn How to Connect to Volkswagen App-Connect

Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives, from the new iPhone 6 smartphone in your pocket to the brand-new Android tablet at home, technology has become an asset for drivers everywhere. Instantaneous connections to entertainment and information are just a few of the perks that are provided by new automotive technology and the innovative Volkswagen App-Connect system is at the top of the proverbial pyramid.

Equipped with the new MIB II infotainment system and the VW Car-Net App-Connect interface, you can integrate your favorite smartphone applications into your 2016 Volkswagen Passat. Learn how to connect to Volkswagen App-Connect right here at Vic Bailey Volkswagen with step-by-step instructions. Read the rest of this entry >>

Volkswagen App Connect

What is the Volkswagen MIB II Infotainment System?

The 2016 model year Volkswagen models will be the first in the U.S to offer the MIB II Volkswagen infotainment system. This is an exciting development because there are so many ways in which this system is going to revolutionize the way people experience driving in a Volkswagen. Almost all Volkswagen vehicles, including the Jetta, Passat, and Beetle, will receive MIB II on 2016 models. So, what exactly is the Volkswagen MIB II infotainment system? Read the rest of this entry >>

Volkswagen Car-Net Adds Apple CarPlay Android Auto and MirrorLink at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-New VW Dealer-Volkswagen technology

Volkswagen Car-Net Expands Driver Connectivity with a New Suite of Infotainment Features

Volkswagen Car-Net Adds Apple CarPlay Android Auto and MirrorLink

Connectivity is a key characteristic in countless automotive brands that draws car shoppers to that specific brand and with the release of the next-generation Volkswagen Car-Net connectivity system, Volkswagen has instantly become an industry leader. Working in conjunction with the new Modular Infotainment Platform that provides vivid touchscreen interfaces, VW Car-Net provides new levels of connectivity that competitors can’t match. With news that Volkswagen Car-Net adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink, the level of connectivity available to Volkswagen drivers is unprecedented and will be divided into three key categories — Security & Service, Guide & Inform and App-Connect. The next generation of Volkswagen Car-Net will make its debut in the 2016 Volkswagen model lineup this fall. Read the rest of this entry >>

Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel Cost of Ownership Outweighs Gas at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-New VW Dealer-Spartanburg SC-Diesel Powered Advantages

Explore Cost of Ownership — Diesel Power vs Gas Power

Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel Cost of Ownership Outweighs Gas

When it comes to diesel power and efficiency, the Volkswagen brand offers an incredible selection of diesel-powered models for you to choose from. Offering Guinness World Record efficiency ratings, the diesel-powered 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI is an incredible example if you want to save money on fuel. A major aspect of the car-buying process is the cost of ownership — including fuel costs, maintenance and initial purchase price. The initial cost of diesel engines represents a substantial investment, but does it pay off in the end? A recent study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that the Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel cost of ownership outweighs gas by a significant margin. Read the rest of this entry >>