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Best places to find Pokémon in Spartanburg, NC

Which parks have the most Pokémon in Spartanburg, SC

The Pokémon Go craze is running as hot as it possibly could be. The trading card game that was popular in the 1990s has made the leap to today’s smartphones. According to players, the idea is still the same — to catch them all. In the few weeks since the game has been out, a few tricks have become available. The best places to find Pokémon in Spartanburg, SC is to find large groups of people in locations where there are other things to see and do. Vic Bailey Volkswagen has done some independent research and found some places where the most elusive Pokémon may be hiding. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to Check Tire Wear on Your Volkswagen at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-Repairman with New Tires for Your Volkswagen

Check Your Tires and Stay Safe on the Roads in Spartanburg SC

How to Check Tire Wear on Your Volkswagen

We have all heard the expression — where the rubber meets the road — and while it often applies to a moment of truth, it is something we should all take into account when we hit the road. The condition of your tires will play a major role in your driving safety, especially when faced with rain or snow this year. Stay ahead of the curve this year and learn how to check tire wear on your Volkswagen. Without high-quality tires in good condition, your performance-tuned 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI will not deliver the thrills you had been hoping for. Read the rest of this entry >>

Learn How to Connect to Volkswagen App-Connect at Vic Bailey Volkswagen-Spartanburg SC-2016 Volkswagen Golf Dashboard and VW App-Connect System

Take Advantage of Volkswagen Technology and Pair Your Phone with VW App-Connect

Learn How to Connect to Volkswagen App-Connect

Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives, from the new iPhone 6 smartphone in your pocket to the brand-new Android tablet at home, technology has become an asset for drivers everywhere. Instantaneous connections to entertainment and information are just a few of the perks that are provided by new automotive technology and the innovative Volkswagen App-Connect system is at the top of the proverbial pyramid.

Equipped with the new MIB II infotainment system and the VW Car-Net App-Connect interface, you can integrate your favorite smartphone applications into your 2016 Volkswagen Passat. Learn how to connect to Volkswagen App-Connect right here at Vic Bailey Volkswagen with step-by-step instructions. Read the rest of this entry >>

Helpful Volkswagen How-To Videos

How To Check the Oil in Your Volkswagen

If you have recently gotten behind the wheel of a new Volkswagen — congratulations! When you opt for a Volkswagen, you are making the right choice. While we encourage you to bask in the glow of your new 2015 Volkswagen Passat and enjoy it, we also want you to keep in mind that there are many important factors that go into owning a new car. Routine maintenance is an important aspect of your new VW that is necessary to keep it running at award-winning, German-engineered levels well into the future. At Vic Bailey Volkswagen, we understand that not everyone is a handy man or a Mr. Fix It, so you may need some help figuring out some things about your new Volkswagen, so we are highlighting key Volkswagen How-To Videos that include how to check the oil in your Volkswagen. Read the rest of this entry >>